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This is Pastor Abraham, some of the kids, and Evalyne in purple!

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Our journey began in our tiny village of Buwabwala, Uganda, near Mount Elgon, and Just 30 miles east the boarder of Kenya. We saw the need in our community for a loving home for orphaned children and from that need the idea of a children's home was born. Through our partnership with Missouri Mustardseeds Ministries we have been able to reach so many people with this story.


This is the 3 room home we live in now.

Our ultimate goal is self-sustainability, but what does self- sustainability look like for Evening Shade Children’s Home? It is the ability to feed, house, educate 25 individuals and give them a space to impact their entire community. When that future comes, it would work like the following.


To Feed
We would install a water catchment and filter system (hopefully through the Ugandan Water Project), this would provide clean water for not only Evening Shade but the whole community. We would create a small farm of chickens, goats, rabbits, and a large garden. From which the produce & profits would supply funds for what can’t be grown or raised. 


To House
We would finish an on-site children’s home with a separate girl’s dorm and boy’s dorm, as well as parent’s room and teacher’s quarters.


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Plans for the Children's Home

We have used each gift God has provided though generous supporters and put it to use making this dream a reality. We have  made it this far brick-by handmade brick. What started as an empty lot is becoming our future home, and self-sustaining ministry. We need help though to finish the next leg of the race. To reach this goal we need to fund our yearly budget of $50,000. The biggest way we are supported is through monthly donations.

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Having Brick froms made

To see the breakdown of our monthly budget and yearly budget please click the donate tab. Here you can also find the link to give through our partners. 

We are on-the ground in Buwabwala, caring for the children and reaching our community. In the US our partners are able to connect us with fellow believers who want to get involved. This allows us to connect with you, without a faceless financial middleman or any room for doubt. Support of those near and far is helping us build our children's future literally brick by brick. 


This is the current state of our future home.

To Educate 
We would ensure the children would be given a traditional k-12 schooling and the school would offer a sliding scale tuition to the community, that tuition in-turn would pay the teacher.

The children’s daily chores would provide life skills education in sewing, farming, basic construction, & animal care. Community members can take these classes as well and can pay on a sliding scale or with their labor. 


To Impact Community
Ultimately we want Evening Shade Children’s Home to be a blessing to everyone around it. We can do that by having a church building to share the gospel and reach the lost, this building would also serve as a multi-use room and a first aide center. 

We can also bless others through the impacts listed before such as clean water and access to an education.

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Buying concrete and Supplies for the foundation

If 1000 individuals donated $5 a month that will make it so we can reach our goal. With that goal met we could reach the ultimate goal of Self-sustainability. This would allow our partners at Missouri Mustardseeds Ministries to go on to repeat this model for more children's homes in our surrounding area and changing more children's lives. Our goal is never to make our children feel institutionalized, we want our home to always be a family unit. This allows us to raise children who change the world.

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Some of our older boys and Abraham's

father, filling brick forms. 

Thank-you for taking time to read our story about our project. For regular updates please follow us on our Facebook as that is where we post the most regularly.

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